Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My nighttime skincare routine

My skincare routine consists of 3 steps (I change my routine up a lot, but this is usually what it will look like)

Cleanse: I use the burts bees acne solutions purifying gel cleanser all over my face and part way down my neck, and rub it in with my fingertips for a minute (it takes a full minute for the ingredients in a product to fully have an effect on your skin).

Tone: Toneing is something I just started to do recently, just to try it out and see if it works well on my skin. I have heard a lot about how toner is very important, so the one I use is the Aubrey purifying toner with salisilic acid (my cleanser also has salisilic acid in it)  I put toner onto a cotton round and apply evenly to my whole face. Toneing takes off any extra cleanser, dirt or oil that you didn't remove while cleansing, so this step is very important.

Moisturize: Moisturization is so so important! If you cleanse your skin, you really should use a moisturizer. Currently I use the kettle care essential rose face creme. P.s. It smells realy good!

That's all I usually do for skincare at night time, but you can certainly add some other step in or take one out if you would like, as long as it works for your skin!

(Oh, and just in case you were wondering I have combination skin.)


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