Thursday, July 30, 2015

My every once in a while skincare items

Exfoliating scrubs: exfoliating is very important to the health of your skin because it helps take away dead skin cells. I like using the burts bees acne solutions exfoliating scrub. I use a scrub about every 3 days. You can use a scrub once a week-every 2 days, whatever works best for your skin.

Pore strips: pore strips are great to use especially if you have larger pores with lots of blackheads. Pore strips basically pull out the extra blackheads and oil from your nose, but you can only use them every 3 days (I use them once a week). There are some different brands of pore strips you can buy, but I use the bioré pore strips.

Face masks: I love to use face masks! But you should only use them once a week because if you use them more than that, your skin could get irritated and start producing lots more oil, resulting in acne. I like using the Botanics ionic clay mask once a week, but you can use any face mask, as long as it works well on your skin.

Targeted spot treatment: spot treatment should be used only on the spot of concern (acne) but not over your entire face! Spot treatment usually work by drying out the skin, killing bacteria or both. I like the burts bees blemish stick (this one works by killing the bacteria).

All of these products have something in commen: you should only use these once in a while! These are all great for your skin, but only when used in moderation.


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